Adjustable beds

Yes, it is affordable. Over the life of your new natural mattress, the cost of the adjustable foundation adds less than a dollar a day.

scape-platform_room_6679Did you know that couples just love adjustable beds? Our adjustable, Natural Beds are great for watching TV or reading or surfing the web on your laptop. Plus, any person who spends much time on their feet—or a day at the gym—can really feel the difference a slight elevation makes. Adjustable beds can assist with acid reflux and help to minimize digestive or breathing problems.

Plus, our adjustable bases are affordable. They have a sturdy steel foundation and dual controls and—of course—100% natural mattresses.

And yes, a massage unit is an option.

scape_room_7131Give one of our Sleep Specialists a call today. They’ll match you up with the right mattress and the right adjustable base for your unique sleep needs.

Not only is our adjustable bed comfortable to sleep on, but it is beautifully designed and crafted. The frame is powder coated for one of the most durable and finely finished bed frames on the market. The bed frames offer removable legs that do not require the use of tools to assemble. Our beds without the legs attached are able to function on the floor or in a bed frame with slats. The fit and finish of our bed looks just like an ordinary bed frame or box spring, making it your own secret that it is an adjustable unit.

  • Manufactured under ISO 9000 Quality Control Standard
  • Frame is made of powder coated carbon steel
  • Platform is made of solid plywood (no particle board)
  • Heavy gauge hinges and roller bearings
  • Covered in a 80% cotton and 20% polyester cover with material-encased sides
  • Many motor options compatible with your existing furniture (comes standard with 24 volt DC motor).
  • Wireless frequency back-lit remote or corded remote option
  • Massage and non-massage options for all beds
  • 20-year limited warranty.

Now you can have complete control of the way you lay or sleep by fine tuning your bed position. Whether you are watching TV, reading a book, working on a laptop, or sleeping, there is a position that will best suit your needs. The health benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed are endless, you will find improved circulation, as well as relief of back and neck pain.

Remote Control

  • Single touch “all flat” button
  • Zero G factory preset button
  • Three different intensities of massage

Twin XL 38″ x 80″ Twin Long Adjustable Base
Full Regular 54″ x 74″ Full Regular Adjustable Base
Full Long 54″ x 80″ Full Long Adjustable Base
(6 inches extra length)
Queen 60″ x 80″ Queen Adjustable Base
Queen Split 30″ x 80″ Queen Split Adjustable Base
East. King Split 76″ x 80″ Two twin Long Adjustable Bases put together
Calif. King Split 72″ x 84″ Two Split Calif. King Bases put together
Bed Height is 8″ if laid on frame not using detachable feet, 15″ if using feet. Headboard and footboard brackets also available.