Kenneth and Julie Brown

My wife suffers from several medical problems that caused us to look beyond the normal mattress stores. She has been diagnosed with and is being treated for Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s Disease and Degenerative Joint Disease with fusions of vertebrae S-1, L-5, L-4, and L-3. To put it mildly sleep is a very important issue for her. Just the pressure of lying on a standard mattress would cause stiffness in her shoulders, back and the fibromyalgia would cause hard knotty places, called trigger or tender points, at various points throughout her body.

Fibromyalgia causes wide spread deep muscle pain, painful tender points and the arthritic pain from the degenerative joint disease made our choice of our third mattress in eight years critical. We developed a great working relationship with Jeanie Kensinger who steered us to the Heaven and Earth mattress which proved to be the right choice. Jeanie also suggested we try the ‘Adjustable’ bed. At first I wasn’t sure but we followed her advice and it proved to be a great recommendation. Jeanie along with all the Natural Bed Store people have been terrific and we are very grateful for providing the best sleep my wife and I have both had in years.

I recommend Jeanie and The Natural Bed Store to anyone looking for a reliable company to work with and a mattress that provides the best sleep you can imagine. If you have looked at memory material beds, picture yourself lying comfortably on top of the latex instead of sinking down in the memory material.

Kenneth and Julie Brown
Augusta, GA

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