Linda Baker

I cannot say enough good things about your organic cotton mattresses! Being chemically sensitive makes it difficult to order new products with confidence. I put off getting a new mattress for years, not wanting to risk getting a product I may not tolerate. But I was encouraged when I found your website and saw that you would send out samples of the material you use in your mattresses. I tolerated that material just fine and took a leap of faith and ordered a mattress. It was one of the best product decisions I have ever made! This was a truly comfortable mattress with no odor and I tolerated it on the first day! Everyone I talked to at The Natural Bed store was friendly and knowledgeable and really understood my sensitivities/allergies. I liked the mattress so well that I actually ordered a second one for my mom. Anyone looking for a non-toxic mattress that will give you a good night’s sleep should visit with the nice folks at The Natural Bed Store. Great people, great product, great service!

— Linda Baker

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