Make your sleep completely natural with our pillows wrapped with cotton fabric, or give new life to your current bed with a natural mattress topper.

granulated-pillowShredded Latex Pillows

The Natural Bed Store’s pillows are made from the same fine components as our natural mattresses. The pillows are made from your choice of Latex or our pillows made from pure natural wool. Our shredded latex pillows are made of the same proprietary all-natural antimicrobial hypoallergenic latex from which we make your natural bed. Shredded latex provides the malleability and support of an expensive feather pillow – without the worry of fungus and dust mite growth associated with traditional pillows.

granulated-pillowBreatheFresh latex pillows

Our BreatheFresh molded latex pillows feature the same proprietary all-natural hypoallergenic latex as our beds, and provided comparable texture and support to standard material pillows. These antimicrobial pillows are safer than feather or material, and are more affordable than ever to own.

granulated-pillowNatural wool pillows

These natural wool pillows are assembled right here at our facility and come with the same cotton cover fabric shell you will find on our beds. Filled with your choice of 20 oz. or 30 oz. wool fill, these pillows will provide your head with a warm, dry place to rest at night.