Dear Folks,

We love our new Heaven and Earth bed. However, I have a favor to ask. We also received two pillows…a latex and a wool. The latex was to be for me as I like to sleep on my side. My husband prefers a softer pillow, so the wool was for him. However, he slept on it for one night and grabbed his feather pillow the next night and hasn’t used the wool pillow since. I kept hoping he’d give it another try, but to no avail. The one night it was used, it had been covered with both a pillow protector and a pillow case. My question is, could we exchange the wool pillow for another latex. He did like that one.

Appreciate your help. Also wanted you to know that since I suffer with fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome; therefore, much of my life I have been sleep deprived. But, since purchasing the , more and more nights of contented sleep have revived me. Heaven and Earth bed. It is also a “quiet” bed. When one of us turns over, slides out of the bed, or when the dog jumps up with us, it doesn’t shake and move! How great is that!?!

Sorry for the rambling, but would appreciate your help with my pillow talk!


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