JD in California

Hello. Just wanted to pass along a note on my new Meadow Mattress. I am extremely happy with it and how will I am sleeping. The mattress is heaven and being that I have a bad back and have trouble sleeping; I felt so much better even after the first... Read more

Kenny in Texas

We received the replacement Acorn and (after letting it fully expand per your suggestion) it fits better; thank you! I wanted to thank you personally, for helping us with this matter. I am very impressed with Land and Sky and their customer service. Kenny
 Texas... Read more

Laura in Atlanta

Hi Jeanie. We recently purchased a king sized bed from you. The reason you haven’t heard from us is we’ve been sleeping for the past month. Oh my gosh we are so happy with this bed. My husband’s snoring has reduced by like 90%. He sleeps through the night now.... Read more

Jeri W. in New York

I wanted to let you know that we’re very pleased with our Rainforests. It is the perfect mattress for all our family needs. Thank you very much for your assistance in getting it right. Jeri W. 
New York... Read more


My Firm Heaven and Earth topper arrived and it is exactly the right firmness for me. Thank you (Jeanie) for working so diligently to find the right firmness and odor free bed possible. I really appreciate your effort and your fine product! Cyndi... Read more