The Natural Bed Store Already Compliant for Mattress Fire Code

fr-graphOn July 1, 2007 new fire codes for mattresses went into effect.

Known as 16 CFR 1633, the new code is designed to save lives.

Rest assured, your mattress from The Natural Bed Store is already compliant—naturally. We do not add smelly fire retardant chemicals that can irritate your nose and skin. We use nature’s own materials to protect you and your family.

Rest assured—we add NO boron or antimony to our mattresses.

Below are links to two video clips. The 20 second clip shows how well our bed did in a controlled laboratory test. Watch how high the flames get! But then, see how quickly the mattress stops burning after the flame source is removed? Yet another reason you can sleep safely on a mattress from The Natural Bed Store.

Below are handy links to information about the new 16 CFR 1633 Mattress Safety Standards from The US Consumer Product Safety Commission.