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One nap and one night’s sleep on my new Rainforest Mattress and you can count on me to be a spokesperson for your product!!! Unbelievable – I slept without my usual hip and body pain – soundly & comfortably ALL night! Your recommendation of “2 mediums and a soft” was...
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Howard and Maria

Dear Jeanie, The freight company delivered our new mattress and foundation exactly when you said they would and they did a great job setting it up in our bedroom. When you took my order you were concerned on the position in which my wife and I slept and because we...
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Sallyann in Billings

Hi—I ordered a Prairie a couple weeks ago and the first night I slept on it, I thought “oh-no, this is going to be too hard,” but I just got rid of a waterbed that leaked all over my floor, so there was a difference in sleeping for sure. I...
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Kim and Eddie

Dearest Shelly,

 My husband and I suffer from chronic back pain constantly. We were determined to find a bed that we would be happy with for a long time to come and decided to give Heaven and Earth a try. All I can say is it has been a truly...
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JD in California

Hello. Just wanted to pass along a note on my new Meadow Mattress. I am extremely happy with it and how will I am sleeping. The mattress is heaven and being that I have a bad back and have trouble sleeping; I felt so much better even after the first...
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