Loving our bed so far. My husband struggles with chronic Lymes and has slept really well for two nights. So grateful.... Read more

Linda Baker

I cannot say enough good things about your organic cotton mattresses! Being chemically sensitive makes it difficult to order new products with confidence. I put off getting a new mattress for years, not wanting to risk getting a product I may not tolerate. But I was encouraged when I found... Read more


One nap and one night’s sleep on my new Rainforest Mattress and you can count on me to be a spokesperson for your product!!! Unbelievable – I slept without my usual hip and body pain – soundly & comfortably ALL night! Your recommendation of “2 mediums and a soft” was... Read more


Dear Folks, We love our new Heaven and Earth bed. However, I have a favor to ask. We also received two pillows…a latex and a wool. The latex was to be for me as I like to sleep on my side. My husband prefers a softer pillow, so the wool... Read more