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IMG_3612bIf you did not choose our in-home delivery, or you just want to peek inside — take a look at these instructions. It is easy to set up if you choose UPS or FED EX delivery.

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Warranty Information

Please read carefully:

iStock_000014842867XSmallThis quality latex or spring bed is warranted from the date of the original retail sale as validated by proof of purchase. Warranty coverage will be determined from this date.

The following manufactured components are warranted, as noted, against defects in the material and workmanship that impair the serviceability to the product other than normal wear and tear, under the terms of application. This mattress limited warranty applies in normal residence use only. It does cover any deterioration in the cell-structure of the material that causes the mattress to have a visible indentation greater than one and one half (1.5) of an inch, not associated with a sag in the foundation, box springs, or platform. The manufacturer’s liability is limited to this expressed warranty. No other warranty is expressed or implied, nor does this warranty cover so-called incidental or consequential damages. This warranty shall be void when any unauthorized components are used in conjunction with this NaturalBed product.

The manufacturer will repair or replace defective components based on percentages of manufacturer’s suggested retail price at the time of the defect. Repair or replacement of a component does not extend the limited warranty or begin a new limited warranty period. When the option of replacing or repairing the mattress is approved, only the defective item will be replaced and not the set. We are not responsible to furnish a mattress for use or rent while our product is being returned to the factory for repair or replacement. Freight costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. The warranty coverage begins from the date of purchase.

Natural Bed Latex mattress: Normal leveling or flattening out of materials, which occur on all upholstered products, are not covered under this warranty. Natural Bed Mattresses which are soiled are not returnable. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility in connection with the cleaning and laundering of your latex mattress.

All Natural Latex Mattresses

Warranty: 100% Trade-in Credit, Years 1 thru 7. Years 8 Thru 20 are 50%.  (Updated Feb 1, 2018)

Natural Spring Mattresses

Warranty code F1 (Prorated): 100% Trade-in Credit, Years 1 thru 5. Years 6 Thru 10 are prorated with 50% trade-in credit.

General Provisions

Proof of Purchase: All Natural Bed mattresses are warranted from the date of the original retail sale as validated by proof of purchase. Warranty coverage will be determined from this date.

Proof of Valid Defect: All undeniable defects that are not customer abuse or are not accidental damage must be found by the purchaser and submitted for its coverage.

Repair or Replacement: The manufacturer reserves as its legal right, the option to repair or replace parts covered under this warranty according to their discretion; to make substitutions as required of materials and components of comparable value and utility as the original part. It reserves the right to refuse service when the cover is found, on inspection, to be unsanitary or soiled condition.

Honoring of Warranty: This warranty will only be honored by direct approval of the manufacturer when all provisions of proof of application and availability of part for evaluation have been met.

Dealer Warranty Responsibility: Dealers accepting any responsibility for the product warranty analysis do so only at the request of the customer and are under no requirement to do so by the manufacturer. Their assessments are not binding on the manufacturer, and their statements about validity and proration charges are not necessarily the opinion of the manufacturer. The manufacturer retains and reserves the exclusive right to make warranty determinations.

Disclaimer: The manufacturer disclaims liability for any aspect of installation, and any inconvenience caused by a defective part of a component needing to be replaced or repaired; nor will the manufacturer accept liability for any component malfunction. Since the customer controls the end use and maintenance of the product, the manufacturer disclaims all liability for any damages caused by the use or misuse of this mattress.

Other Provisions

  1. This warranty shall be void unless the mattress is used in accordance with the enclosed instructions.
  2. This warranty does not apply to tears, punctures or damages caused by improper use, negligence, excessive strain, accidents, acts of nature or failures caused by extreme temperature.
  3. Any apparently defective component must be returned to the manufacturer at the purchaser’s expense with an explanation of the problem. Trade labels and law labels must be intact to identify type. A proof of purchase must be included.

Warranty Returns

Please return apparently defective items to Land and sky with the area in question clearly marked. Proof of purchase, date of purchase and purchase price is required for processing. Please allow 90 days for performance of this warranty.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You also have implied warranty rights. In the event of a problem with warranty service or performance, you may be able to go to small claims court, a State Court or a Federal District Court.

This warranty is limited to repair or replacement of this mattress, at the option of the manufacturer, and any damages for breach of warranty due to consequential losses to property other than the warranted mattress components are expressly excluded. In addition, all implied warranties are limited to the duration of this written warranty. This is the exclusive express warranty for this mattress and any other statements or express warranties are expressly denied.