Made in the USA


Yes, our natural Latex mattresses are made in the USA. For a quick peek inside our factory, check out this quick video. Our factory in Lincoln, Nebraska has a 42-year history of crafting mattresses tailored to the changing needs of the human body and our planet. Each natural mattress is carefully assembled by hand. From our natural crib mattress through our top-of-the-line Heaven and Earth king, each mattress is constructed with the same quality care and time-tested manufacturing process. We employ master craftsmen, trained by skilled generations here in Nebraska.

The core of each mattress is our unique BreatheFresh Natural Latex. The unique and completely natural latex rubber sourced from Sri Lanka—of a custom-specified density ideal for the North American frame—replaces sagging innersprings or chemical-laden memory material as the primary support core of the bed. A hardwood, the latex rubber tree grows only near the equator—the periodic removal of its natural oil does not harm the tree and is a sustainable practice. At the end of the tree’s natural life, being a hardwood, it is converted into furniture. No part of the tree is wasted.

The latex oil itself is a liquid. Similar to a milkweed’s nectar, it is whipped and infused with air, then formed into the mattress shape according to our specified density.

Our wooden foundations are crafted by the Amish, again right here in the United States.

Two inches of gently cushioning 100% pure natural wool adds moisture and temperature control to your sleeping experience. Our pure natural wool comes from sheep that are not harmed during the shearing process. Like our latex, pure natural wool is a sustainable product.

Pure natural Wool is a natural fire retardant and allows our natural mattresses to meet the tough new flame retardant 16 CFR 1633 requirements. No toxic chemicals are added to create a flame retardant mattress—your family can sleep with confidence. Rest assured—we add NO boron or antimony to our mattresses.

The 100% cerified cotton fabric used in our quilted cover is built with a silky-soft certified cotton, unbleached and untreated with harmful chemicals.

Before we ever build a mattress, our first step is a one-on-one sleep evaluation to match your unique sleep needs with the correct mattress. We do this for every mattress we sell, except our crib mattress. This is a crucial step in ensuring your natural mattress is 100% satisfactory.

Like the master builders in the factory floor, our Sleep Specialists combine training and years of experience in guiding our customers into the right mattress for their unique sleep needs.

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