Internet Privacy Policy

We feel you have a right to privacy. We respect your right to determine how much you want known about yourself. will never share any of your information outside our organization without your express consent to do so. You can generally access the web site without revealing any personal information. On entering our site, we can determine what type of browser you are using and your domain. We cannot obtain personal information from you which you do not authorize us to obtain. Your voluntary completion of a form is interpreted as an authorization to record the information about you.

Information Collection and Use

When accessing our website, we will, from time to time, offer cookies. We use cookies to identify you as a unique visitor on our website, track the frequency of your visits, and determine the type of browsers being used so we can better present our web pages. You are always in control of what cookies you accept. You can set your browser to handle cookies in a number of ways. The three most common cookie settings for your browser are: (1) accept all cookies, (2) prompt you before accepting a cookie, or (3) block all cookies. Sometimes we ask for demographic, market research, and other similar types of information. This type of information is used to determine how we are doing and how we might be able to serve you better. You are never required to provide this type of information. Be assured, all information you do provide is kept in the strictest confidence.


In order to provide feedback, product warranties, or other similar communication, specific information about yourself may be required. This additional information is requested in order to insure we are contacting the proper individual about a product feature, upgrade, product registration, support, or similar type of activity. For example, your name, address, and product information is required in order to register a warranty.