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One nap and one night’s sleep on my new Rainforest Mattress and you can count on me to be a spokesperson for your product!!! Unbelievable – I slept without my usual hip and body pain – soundly & comfortably ALL night! Your recommendation of “2 mediums and a soft” was...
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My husband and I purchased the Rainforest bed to take with us to Brazil where we will be living for the next three years while my husband is on an expat work assignment. It, along with all our belongings, was shipped down here on an ocean freighter which takes 6...
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We ordered a Rainforest mattress and foundation for our son’s new twin bed and a Prairie mattress for the trundle. My son has been sleeping on the Rainforest mattress for a month now and we love it! I had shopped for conventional mattresses in local furniture shops. I was told...
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Kathy in 

I ordered the Rainforest twin a few months ago. It is the best! I was allowed to exchange out layers based upon my needs. I finally got it right with two firm layers and a soft layer. Perfect for me, stomach sleeper. It smells great and I have not had...
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Jeri W. in New York

I wanted to let you know that we’re very pleased with our Rainforests. It is the perfect mattress for all our family needs. Thank you very much for your assistance in getting it right. Jeri W. 
New York...
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