Howard and Maria

Dear Jeanie,

The freight company delivered our new mattress and foundation exactly when you said they would and they did a great job setting it up in our bedroom. When you took my order you were concerned on the position in which my wife and I slept and because we sleep on our sides you said you would and beef up that part of the mattress. We owned a number bed and I noticed that every morning my wife and I awoke with lower back pains. After walking around the house for about five minutes the pain would go away and the doctor said it was caused by arthritis.

The first night we slept on our material bed we did wake up with the same pain so I decided the doctor was right. After the third morning I realized that my wife and I had no longer experienced the back pain and it is now over a month that the pain is gone… We both have found that we now sleep straight thru the night without awaking around 3AM. Our tea cup poodle, which sleeps with us (4.5 lbs) also, sleeps straight thru the night without waking and turning.

[I] was a little hesitant to deal on the internet purchasing my bed but dealing with The Natural Bed Store was a pleasure, everything they promised they delivered. I highly recommended the store and especially Jeanie Kensinger.

Howard and Maria

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