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And so we introduced the Heaven and Earth to an expanded test market. Our first customers just loved it. They appreciated the natural feel, they liked the way the bed adjusted to their body—and because it’s all-natural they rested better knowing they weren’t breathing in harmful toxins.

At first I thought, hey, let’s wait and test another year or so. Let’s see I we can perfect this bed even more. But Heaven and Earth customers kept telling their friends, and I knew it was time to launch the product for everyone to buy.

So we started spreading the word about our new natural line of beds. The internet has been a great vehicle for this, because it’s easy for customers to compare our natural mattresses to the other products out there on the market. Our clients are smart shoppers, and we would much rather they research the sleep market, and then bring their questions to us for our sleep specialists to answer.

Three months after we launched the new line of natural beds, a customer called in with a special situation. She wanted a bed for a loft bedroom at their summer cabin in Minnesota. She loved everything about our Rainforest natural mattress, but there was a problem. She just couldn’t imagine how they could haul a large, rigid foundation up into that loft.

Like so many times before, her insight helped us improve our beds. We simply custom-ordered a split-piece foundation. The Easy-Tote was born.

So now, years after we built our first water bed, we’re still working at what we do best: designing, testing and finally building the best sleep solutions for our customers.

Customer feedback is crucial to our continued success in the sleep business. As good as our current line of natural beds is, we continue to work with customers, suppliers and our employees to improve our products.

Because at the end of the day—which is the beginning of the night—our job is to help people sleep better. Today, we feel we are doing a great job; but we can never completely rest easy until everyone’s sleep is peaceful.”