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In the spring of 2000 we released a prototype much like our current top-of-the-line mattress, the Heaven and Earth. Every component in this mattress was 100% natural, and we were almost ready to go to market. However, my experience has taught me that whenever I’m too much in love with any product, it’s best to take a time-out and test it in the field. It was good that we did, because there were still some flaws in the quilted cover that needed to be worked out.

About this time Visco material, air mattresses, and adjustable beds were all very popular. It’s not accurate to say our company lost interest in our pursuit of the world’s best natural bed, but we certainly were sidetracked. Plus, in 2001 we received our 25th patent for mattresses, and I found myself at a point in my life where I actually wondered if I had done all I could with making the night a better place to be.

It was just about this time that my son was born. At 50, I found myself a first-time dad. I took a couple weeks off work, and when I came back I felt more productive than I had in years.

But the time spent with the baby was different than any vacation I’d ever had. Of course, one of the first beds I engineered was our kids model. But, I also was more committed than ever to building a mattress that wouldn’t harm the environment he would spend his life in. Funny how a fresh life can kick-start some old dreams. I was ready to work on my passion again: building a better sleep experience.

I recommitted myself to the natural bed we were by then calling Heaven and Earth . It took a solid two months of hard work but our team fixed every shortcoming it had. We tested with employees and customers and sleep research subjects until finally all the feedback was positive. At last our natural bed was ready to launch.

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